←  How do we design the workplace to accommodate today’s work modalities?
What should the workplace of the future do?    How has the office transformed in response to shrinking workstation footprints?
Watch this infographic video to see how the workplace has transformed since 1960.
The future of collaboration in the workplace … Tips for planning an open office plan that works.
The evolution of the workplace towards the open plan … a collective of work areas.
We need to create different ways for people to meet and hang out to collaborate and get things done.  →
← Project spotlight:  when a major entertainment company moved their headquarters to Burbank, they relied on Crest Office Furniture.
The new 35,000 square foot office space was designed by the highly published firm Beckson Design Associates. Working closely with Crest Office Furniture, BDA created an open, modern office that encourages team members to get out of their workstations to cross pollinate in collaborative lounge areas, private meeting rooms, libraries, informal “hang-out” spaces, the lunchroom as town hall meeting space, media rooms, standing height touchdown spaces, and alcove spaces.
The Collaborative Lounge – by Coalesse
Lagunitas by Coalesse was born out of the idea that today’s creative class requires agile spaces. The new collection provides offices with the “third place” vibe of a coffee shop or café with over 50 lounge and table combinations, all of which can be created with varying degrees of privacy and multi-modal support. Mechanized back cushions allow for both lean-back and lean-forward postures, while power options accommodate mobile workers.  →
← Inspiring Destinations that bring life to the workplace.
An interesting discussion of how to create the workplace as an inspiring destination for work by focusing on:
1. Personal focus and rejuvenation
2. Creative collaboration
3. Social connections
The ergonomic work space
The ergonomic workstation is a good investment because the most costly component of any workstation is actually the human operator.
How does one create a workspace that drives productivity, health and wellness and improves employee satisfaction? →
← HON FLOCK collaborative lounge furniture
Wherever people migrate within a space, Flock is designed to support collaboration. With a full collection of flexible and comfortable elements that work seamlessly together, you can make the most of every square inch of your space. Flock supports collaboration and creates an environment of how people want to work and where they want to work.
See how this versatile line can be used effectively throughout the office.
Training and Breakroom
{Adapt. React. Motivate.} Are you able to turn a group space into a training room in a matter of minutes? The Motivate collection of products, including tables, seating, and presentation tools, works together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution perfectly suited for any training application or virtually any collaborative environment. →
← Conference room
{Where People and Ideas Connect} When people put their heads together, good things happen. Whether it involves two people discussing a new project or 20 people setting strategic direction, collaboration generates the ideas that keep business moving forward. The effective, productive workplace provides people with spaces that support collaboration at all levels.  This smart line of conference room furniture can fit any room.
Desk Yoga
Yoga teacher Rodney Yee walks you through a 4-minute routine for stretching your neck and shoulders at your desk. This is a great solution for office-workers short on time and long on stiff muscles.  →


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